Highlights of 2018

So long 2018!

2018 is coming to an end and we are looking back on a year of amazing adventures. With lots of new signings, releases, hits, syncs and writing camps! We feel blessed to have met so many amazing writers this year and have set a firm ground for lift off in 2019. Developing the Benelux repertoire this year has been fruitful and we hope to welcome more writers in the next chapter that have the potential to lift our team to the next level.

We started the year with REYMUZIK (Rotterdam), composer/producer, who amazes everyone with the ability of creating all different styles. He has produced for several big Dutch Urban acts and has collected 4 Golden and 1 Platinum Awards for his released work. Rey attended the big international Latin American Writing Camp this summer to write songs for Colombian artists such as Greeicy (Universal Music) and Mike Bahía (Warner Music). REYMUZIK’s own fund “Digital Age” signed Shuvald “The Pianolover” Bernadina. Our very own singer/songwriter MAXINE has written many new songs this year. Focusing on Scandinavian pop, she attended a Swedish writing camp this year. Maxine started her career at a young age, writing her own music. Electronic/Pop duo QSTNMRKS (Patrick & Bas), coming from different musical backgrounds, use influences from various genres such as Dance, Hip-Hop and R&B to create their vision of what modern day Pop music should sound like. ELIJAH WATERS (Rotterdam) works as a rapper/singer/producer. Part of the ‘Green Cabin’, a young music collective from his home town, Elijah creates most of his songs with the crew. This year, Elijah travelled to Atlanta (US) to write with Nard&B, Young Lan and Ducko. Talented producer PURI (Sneek) has rocked this year with multiple hits (HUTS/Coño). Known for his Indian roots and therefore influenced by both Western and Oriental styles, he has really created his own flavor. Puri attended the big international Latin American Writing Camp in Mexico this summer. Maarten Bokma, 19 year old artist and producer, professionally known as LYENTE, first came to our attention with his interesting sound of pop, trap and dance. Fascinated by music since an early age, he was only 10 years old when he first picked up a guitar to write his own songs. Along the way Maarten also taught himself to play the piano and the drums, skills he likes to add to his own productions. In the fund of RAY SLIJNGAARD “Rayvano Music”, we’ve signed Ruben Schwagermann. ARCHITRACKZ honored us this year by renewing his contract with us, which ended the year nicely! We are very happy he will be releasing ever more beautiful songs with us and bringing lots of new talent into his own fund “Futuretrackz”. Architrackz was a big part of our writing camps this year as well.

Architrackz released his album “Dashawn” this year. Entering the charts on September 1st at rate 14, the album stayed in the charts for 8 weeks. Adje & Architrackz released the album “Alles Groot”. Two tracks were produced by W/C writers on NOEP’s E.P. “Head in the Clouds”. Architrackz produced “Loved The Love” and Tough Love produced “Offside”.  Elijah Waters released his solo E.P. “Mr. Waters” this year, fully produced by Green Cabin-members Nash Crabula, Big Cam, M3 and Rocabeats. The single “Time On Our Hands” was released before the E.P., including a videoclip. Waylon released a new album “The World Can Wait” with four numbers written by Ilya Toschinskiy, which entered the charts with a number 1 position. QSTNMRKS released a song with Elle Hollis this year, “Luxury”. Tino Martin released album “Thuis Komen De Tranen” with “Laat Het”, written by Galeyn. REYMUZIK produced “Caught Up”, released on Sevn Alias’s album “Oakinn”, “Gelijk Gelijk”, released on Kevin’s album “Lente” and “Mi Kurason” released on “Gevonden in Verdwalen” by Tabitha. Puri produced two songs for German rapper Mert. “Rolex & Air Max“, released on “Delikanlı” and “Bas Gaza“. He also worked with UK rapper Sneakbo and Lisa Mercedez on the remix of “Coño“.

This year we also signed the “Mark Polo” fund which released: Teo Mandrelli, Unomas – “Rush” (Teo Mandrelli), Dyrisk, Flyboy – “Over you“ (Vetle Olsen), Dyrisk – “Smile” (Vetle Olsen), Frank Pierce – “Do me” (Oluwafemi Popoola), Frank Pierce – “No Love in Brooklyn” (Oluwafemi Popoola), Frank Pierce & Famba – “Vibe” (Oluwafemi Popoola), Frank Pierce – “When I'm With You” (Oluwafemi Popoola), bvd kult & OT – “Let You Go” (Sam Bulter), bvd kult – “Island” (Sam Butler) and Malarkey – “Arcade Brain” (Sam Butler).

We organized two big international writing camps this year. The first one took place in August, when we had our very first Latin American/Dutch writing camp with writers/artists from Latin America and Spain. A lot of hits were created during this camp and we will be releasing some nice songs soon. Attended by Puri, Architrackz, D3rren and Rey and international: the finest El Guincho (Spain), Mr. Naisguy (Puerto Rico), Rauw Alejandro (Puerto Rico), Jhay Cortez (Miami), Haze (Miami), Yera (Miami) and Bullnene (Miami). In October we had another very special ADE Writing Camp, with a very diverse range of writers. We combined singer/songwriters with excellent producers/DJ’s and are very happy with the results.

The incredibly funny Dutch comedy film Bon Bini Holland 2 had its premiere this December with two scenes playing our hit songs “Coñoand “Palo”.

Happy Holidays everybody!