Ray Slijngaard (born Raymond Lothar Slijngaard, June 28, 1971, Amsterdam) is a member of the Dutch techno-dance band, 2 Unlimited, along with vocalist Anita Doth.

He was born and raised in Amsterdam, and in March 1991 at the age of 19, he teamed up with Doth, whom he knew from the Amsterdam club scene, and Belgian producers De Coster and Wilde to form 2 Unlimited. He was the rapper of the group, while Doth was the singer.

From 1991 until 1996, he enjoyed worldwide success with 2 Unlimited, having numerous hits. Slijngaard was also famous for his original hairstyle, by keeping the rest of his head shaved, leaving only a few rastas on top of his forehead.

After 2 Unlimited broke up in 1996, he turned his attention to his own record company, X-Ray Records/Rayvano Productions. The record company was named after his son Rayvano. He released a few singles during 1997 called "3x a Day", "When It's My Turn" and "Do You Think I'm Sexy?".

In 1999, he teamed up with rapper Marvin D. to form a new rap-group, called VIP Allstars, which had a minor hit in the summer of 1999 called "Mamacita".

In 2010 Ray & Anita made a comeback with the single "In Da Name Of Love". The single became a huge hit in the Netherlands reaching no. 6 on the Dutch Top 40 sales chart.

Ray is currenlly prepping the release of his biography book while working on new music.