Giorgio AIRIETJA, born on July 20th 1987, was raised in The Netherlands.
AIRIETJA belongs to the new wave of DJs who spend time on creating their own music and playing their own remixes & mashups during their live DJ sets.

In the beginning of his career, Giorgio was known as Enrico Deante, producing several tracks for Dutch Urban artists such as Brace, Keizer, Darryl and Brownie Dutch.

In 2014, Giorgio made the switch from Urban to House and AIRIETJA was born.
AIRIETJA’s first major music related trip was to the Winter Music Conference 2015 in Miami.
During this conference, he met people who needed to make their own music project successful, meanwhile having finished AIRIETJA’s first EP called ‘Weekend Warriors’ for about 90%. The feedback he provided his gained contacts, made sure they were boosted with so much confidence and inspiration, they had to finish their music as soon as they returned home.

The next step was mixing and mastering of his projects. Through some friends in Fort Lauderdale, AIRIETJA came in contact with mixing engineer Serge Tsai. Serge works at the Platinum Sound studios in NYC owned by 4 time grammy award winning producer Jerry Wonda. Giorgio flew to NYC and met up with him to work on the ‘Weekend Warriors’ single.

Giorgio stayed in New York for 3 days and visited the studio every day. His final night in NYC even ended up in a song writing session with the duo Nico and Vinz (who made the world famous hit song ‘Am I Wrong’) and Angela Hunt (who wrote ‘Empire State of Mind’ for Jay-Z and Alicia Keys). It was too bad he had to leave in the middle of the session, because he had to catch his flight back to Amsterdam early in the morning, leaving NYC a changed man…

AIRIETJA now feels ready to release all the music we've all been waiting for…