Michel van der Zanden
“The nicest thing about my work, is to challenge creative people and help them peak while they’re performing in the studio. To make this happen I create a relaxed and honest atmosphere.”

Michel’s latest contribution to the music scene is Jessie J’s song “Your Loss I’m Found” which appeared on her album Sweet Talker (Deluxe Edition). The song was a co-write with five time Grammy award winning vocal producer Kuk Harrel, Jessica Cornish, Hidde Huijsman and Massimo Cacciapuoti. Michel also played the guitars on the recording.

Past to present:
Born in 1981 in the Netherlands, Michel van der Zanden grew up in a musical family. His dad is a self-taught musician and taught Michel to play guitar and piano at an early age. Later Michel began playing in a lot of different bands and in 2004 graduated from college with a Bachelor degree in Music Production and Performance.

As a composer and producer he writes music for TV commercials, films, and other media, but he still loves just writing songs for and with artists. In 2010 Michel met producers-duo Hidde Huijsman and Massimo Cacciapuoti aka the DFRNS. Working with the DFRNS team brought a lot of international song placements with artists like Jessie J, Justin Garner, and Matt Palmer.

In 2013 Michel started a collaboration with partner-in-crime Sander Kerklaan. Together they started the music production company Evertone. In 2014, Evertone founded (together with All Music Publishing) the ass kickin’ production music label Blinq Music. With worldwide agencies, their music library is used all over the world.